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Basic Training

  1. Air station operator (heliport radio operator) basic training (NEW)

  2. Heliport maintenance technician basic training (NEW)

  3. Basic training of aircraft maintenance personnel of categories B.1.1; B1.3 and B2 (NEW)

  4. Basic training for maintenance personnel of aircraft categories A1 and A3 (NEW)

  5. Aviation legislation in the field of aerodromes (heliports)

  6. Heliport construction (NEW)

  7. Basic UAV remote pilot training for flights over densely populated areas (NEW)

  8. Basic UAV remote pilot training for aerial work (NEW)

  9. Fuel Tank Safety /FTS/ CDCCL - Phase ½

  10. Electrical Wire Interconnection System (EWIS) (Target Groups 1-2;3-5)

  11. Module 9A and 9B Human Factors.

  12. Human Factors general

  13. Human factor in aviation

  14. Module 10RK. Aviation legislation. Kazakhstan and international aviation legislation

  15. Errors during aircraft maintenance, comments given in the course of audits of the aircraft maintenance organisation, materials of investigations of aviation accidents and incidents related to aircraft maintenance and recommendations developed in them

  16. Aviation Internal Auditor

  17. Auditor of the quality system of the organisation for the maintenance of aircraft and their components

  18. Introduction to Safety Management System (SMS)

  19. Detailed study and practice of SMS implementation in maintenance and airworthiness organisations

  20. Instructor Training Program for Trainings (Train the trainer)

  21. Professional executive training of civil aviation organisations and aviation training centres

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