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Aviator.KZ at MRO Central Asia 2024

Updated: Jul 3

The Team of the Aviator.KZ Training Center took part with a booth in MRO Central Asia Exhibition (March 26-27, 2024 in Tashkent), and also gave a presentation on NextGen aviation personnel training.

The exhibition attracted representatives from many different countries and organizations, including civil aviation authorities (CAAs), DOAs, AMOs, airlines, training centers, parts and materials suppliers and many more. Representatives from Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan also took part in the exhibition.

"Obtain, Train, Retain" - these are three keys to a strong team of aviation professionals. Whichever aviation domain you decide to choose - the main challenge would be to solve the three issues above. In the presentation we’ve shared our experience in search and assessment of aviation personnel, their training and also in creating an environment to keep them in the company. Vividly discussed, which way to choose: to hire personnel, to rent personnel (so called outstaffing) or grow your personnel by investing in their continuing growth starting from the school bench.

Highlighted unquestionable importance of aviation technical English knowledge - not only by pilots and ATC officers, but by maintenance personnel as well, and also introduced the basics of the Simplified Technical English (STE) to the audience.

We were glad to meet our colleagues and discuss some live issues, as well as outline further cooperation.

Stay tuned - in the nearest future we will announce our brand-new wide-scale project!

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